Dawn Hafner, Freelance Writer

I’m Dawn. A mom to two amazing, sometimes challenging, always busy, men-in-training and one sweet dog, Gracie. (Don’t let that sweet face fool you. Her superpower is demolition.)

You can find me reading nearly everywhere. My superpower is knowing the BEST salad on the menu of every restaurant because nothing beats a gorgeous salad I didn’t make. If beets are involved it’s a no-brainer.

I believe we are called upon daily to lead others. We lead in our families. We lead our children. We lead at church. We lead at work. We lead with our friends.

But do you lead yourself first? How can you lead others without leading yourself first?

When I see a business leader that is burnt out, quick-tempered, unbalanced, unhealthy and working 60+ hours a week I don’t see a leader I want to follow. I don’t care how successful their wealth appears. That is not success to me. It’s a dead end for your soul.

So, are you? Are you leading yourself first?

  • Are you designing the life you want to live intentionally and putting in place practices to be true to those intentions?
  • Have you set aside time to get in tune with your intentions? What do you even want from your life anyway?
  • Have you even taken the time to define what it ideally looks like?
  • What did you fall in love with as a child that you let go of for adult practicality?

Stress comes not from our activities, but that our activities are misaligned with our soul.

If God taps you out tomorrow will you have regrets on how you used your gift of time, or will you know you designed and lived your life with full intention?

Once you’ve designed your ideal life and where you want to invest your time how will you make that happen? What needs to change to create the time to take small steps daily to meet those goals, to achieve those dreams? How do you make the space for following your dreams?

What does your soul want to be happy and aligned with your purpose here?

Dawn M Hafner, CPA, MBA, RTT Practitioner    

Mindset is the one change that I attribute to all of my career, business and writing success. Over my career, I have had one theme that has helped me find success and balance. Once you find the right mindset the rest is so much easier!

BE Where You Are.

I latched onto this phrase to guide my choices when I became a mom and struggled to balance work, parenting and time for self.  BE Where You Are means to truly embrace where you are at this current moment.  We can only focus on what we are doing at the moment. Once we learn how to fully submit to the present, we can evaluate, and guide our compass towards where we want to arrive in the future.

BE Mindset Coaching – when you are ready to give yourself the gift of focusing on your dreams.

We all came here for a reason.  Our main purpose is to find that reason and share it with the world. The truth that is already deep within you and has been since before the day you were born. All you have to do is get out of your own way.