Do You Believe in Coincidence?

I most certainly do not believe in coincidence. At least not the way most people define it. Most people associate coincidence with an odd, unexplainable, random occurrence. It appears to be so unique that you wonder how it could be random and yet so seemingly directed towards you.

Here’s the thing….it was directed at YOU!

My definition of a coincident is a Cooperative Incident. We experience an incident in which someone, something, some force, is cooperating with us to cause that to show up in our lives. Let’s also not forget that not only does the incident have to show up, you also have to be nudged to notice it, to perceive it. Who is cooperating with us? That terminology is up to you. For me it’s God. Other words people use are Universe, Spirit, Source, Light, Love, Energy.

I’ll give you one example of this that I have experienced and one other in a future post. I can think of four to five that have occurred in just the last couple years.

I watched a documentary on Netflix featuring the work of James Baldwin, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. I enjoyed the documentary and at the end commented out loud “I’ve never read the work of James Baldwin. I’d really like to read one of his books.” I even took the action of adding a couple titles to my GoodReads list. Reading his work also seemed to be something that would support me in my second book I am working on. (Well…working on is a loose term – right?)

The next day I was at my mom and dad’s house. They have one of those book barn/lending libraries in their yard where you can leave a book or take a book for free. It has been there a while and I don’t usually open it.

My son Ethan asked me if I wanted to help him take my aunt’s two dogs outside. Although I really didn’t want to, I said yes. As we are outside Ethan is messing around with the book barn and asking me questions about it.

“How does this work?”

“Do you have to leave a book to take one?”

“Can you take more than one?”

“What if someone took them all?

As we start to head back to the house I check the latch to make sure the barn is shut and am stopped in my tracks. A feeling of pure wonder and joy fill me entirely. There on the spine of a book, I see James Baldwin. What??? How???

Was this meant for me? How could I have asked for this and less than 12 hours later what I asked for dropped out of the sky, right into my hands?

All the reasons this shouldn’t have happened:

  • I asked for this to come into my life less than 12 hours prior.
  • I didn’t ask in a big way. I wasn’t pleading or yearning. It was a simple comment on something I’d like to explore.
  • I rarely touch the book barn. Maybe once or twice have I opened it. My type of books aren’t usually in there.
  • At the time this happened only about ten books were even in there.
  • I didn’t want to go outside. I wanted to stay on the couch. I felt a begrudging in my heart at going outside.
  • Out of all the books that could be in the book barn, this is here? He is not a common, popular author of today.
  • And what caused me to glance at that particular book as closing the latch?
  • How could God be listening to little me?
  • How could this book and I be called into the same place a the same time in a space where I was seeking it?

In the book A Course on Miracles it states:

  • “Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind or a state of miracle-readiness.”
  • “The miracle places the mind in a state of grace.”

It was truly something I asked for and it magically appeared. Coincidence? Or cooperative incident? Fluke or miracle?

If you hear a voice telling you it was merely a fluke and God can’t possibly be listening to your tiny little requests ask who is doing the talking? That voice is telling you that you are small and disconnected from God. The miracle is showing you otherwise. The miracle is your sign that can shed away the ego voice that tells you of your separation from God. He is showing you He is supporting you.

I urge you to open yourself up to just the mere idea that miracles are here for you. I urge you to believe that you are supported and guided more than our limited minds can comprehend. I urge you to believe in miracles. Live in a state of wonder and joy. Believe that the world is working in your favor and you are being guided.

Listen to His voice and feel His hands leading you. You are not separate. If you have lost the connection, only you are in the way. He is always available. Always there. Always listening. Remove the block. Let go of fear. Trust. Faith. Open yourself to miracles and they will present themselves to you. Miracles are daily occurrences. We just miss perceiving most of them when we are buried in our ego minds letting ourselves be separated from Love.

I will share another miracle sign story soon. Meanwhile, please share yours with me. I would LOVE to hear about miracles you’ve been blessed with.

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In Love, Light, and Faith,


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