I see you.

I know it feels like you are running in place, getting nowhere. Or maybe you gave up running and now you are hiding behind the large oak tree, or in your blanket fort. Waiting, alone for life to tell you “Here’s where we go next child.”

It feels like the world quit turning, but only where you are at. You’re the only one sitting in the same place and going nowhere. You could be sweaty and exhausted from trying to run out of this one tiny place where you can’t even breathe any longer. Or maybe you are so still you can hear the blood moving through your veins. Don’t be afraid. You are doing more than most and what most people fear.


Feeling – the one thing everyone is running from.

There is nothing wrong with you my friend. This is what it means to be human here and connected to the light. When you get separated it is painful. You feel. You hurt. You run out of breath. You long for home. Home is far from where we are. Now is the time to keep showing up to your place and your tribe. Keep breathing. Keep running. Keep hiding in the forest or your blanket tent.

The hurt comes in waves and you are just where you need to be. The tide will press against you, but don’t worry. The ground is still there somewhere. I promise. It will return to touch your feet again. The sky will open up again. You are just floating in place for a short while until you remember how free you truly are. Until you¬†remember you are the light. We just forget sometimes. The way back home is through the center of your heart. When you are rested, go there, love there, pour it all out there.

When you find the love and feel full again, you will know when it’s time to leave the safe place. Until then – I see you, my friend. I’m over here under the oak tree resting and waiting for the ground to come back to me. Waiting for love and light to fill my being for the next stretch of the road towards home.

When you are ready I will meet you on the edge of the woods, hand in hand, we can walk fearlessly into the wide open space. The sky will spread out to welcome us. The ground will hold us steady to the earth. When you are ready we will peer into the next version of this world that we need to learn to love even harder.

When you are ready let’s go together, my friend.

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