Why You Never Feel 100% Understood

Many of our relationship woes focus around ideas like:

  • I never feel understood by him/her.
  • I explain myself time and time again, but my partner just doesn’t get me.
  • I wonder if there is just something wrong with us?
  • Maybe we are not as in sync as other couples.

You can even face this same hurdle with your parents or your children. They just don’t “get” it! How frustrating! They say communication is the key and I’ve been communicating until I’m blue in the face. What gives?

Sound familiar?

Here is a little secret….

They are NEVER going to “get” it. They are NEVER going to “get” you as fully and completely as you are yearning for. This effort is a futile one my fellow love warrior.

Now, before you get mad at me…listen. They will get parts of you. They will get glimpses of you. Parts of who you are will align with parts of who they are. They can love you and support you on your journey. You can feel them by your side. But, here’s the thing friends, when we EXPECT someone to fully and completely understand ALL parts of us we are denying the true miracle we are.

No one has ever gone on your unique journey. No one will ever live the life exactly you have. No one has experienced the deep pain and fears you have. No one has felt their heart soar exactly at the same moments your’s did, for the same reasons. No one has gone this way before you. No one. Not one single person. Ever. You are the only one.

That is a miracle. YOU are a miracle. You are a walking, living breathing miracle. Your journey and your life are so special and so unique only YOU know it. Only you can feel what it feels like to be you. Only you can decide what is right for you. Not one other person will every fully comprehend every complex part of you. To expect that of another human being is setting them up to fail. Do you even understand every complex part of yourself? If you can’t even understand all the parts of you, why would you place that burden on a loved one?

We will cover this topic as well as many others in my upcoming online class – Clearing Brain Clutter. Like many lies we believe, they are handed to us from society, and it is our responsibility to question them. Only when we clear the lies of the ego in our head can we start to see what is true here. There are many stories available to us, but only one truth.

You are a miracle. Your existence is no accident. Your life is part of the plan for a special purpose only you can fulfill. We are counting on you!

Yes, you.



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