This book is deep, light, heart wrenching and funny all at the same time! A must read! ~Amazon Reviewer

Becuase you want balance now. Let me take you on a journey.

Mapmaker reminded me of why I’m here, why we all are here. …Simple steps to bring the reader back into focus on the things that matter in life. In many ways throughout the book, I felt relief that I wasn’t the only one. Dawn’s willingness to lay her life out on the table and open it up, honest analysis of herself in front of you the reader shows incredible strength and courage all while allowing us the ability to say “yep, this is me in many ways” in private. Dawn has made the book simple, concise, and directed at self-exploration and has given tools and examples the reader can relate to. ~Amazon Reviewer

We all crave balance, mindfulness and the ever elusive presence.

How do you pull these feelings into your busy chaotic life? I will show you. Let me take you on a journey.

The Power of Story. This book is your stopwatch for pause, your compass for tuning into your life. We came into this world seeking to find our place. Our seeking journey will last as long as we have breath left in our lungs. My hope for you is that this book will give you a pause button, letting yourself become more in touch with the thoughts that reside as soul truths for you. We need to pause in our lives to create the stillness needed to witness. The book covers topics including motherhood, friendship, marriage, divorce, childhood cancer, abuse, our own mortality, and life purpose. In sharing our own stories, we can release others from their own prison. There is power and healing in sharing.

Journal to reveal your messages. What you reflect on in the prompts will open up other areas of your curiosity to explore for your journey. Journaling will bring new perspective for you personally.

Story + Journaling = Presence. This is a gift of intentional presence you are investing in for yourself. Through reading, journaling, and your own daily focus you will be in partnership with your compass. Tuning into our compass is our responsibility in this journey to actively respond to direction. While we use the stopwatch for pause and the compass for tuning into our directions, they are mere tools to reveal our map.

So….are you coming with me?